ICECREAM EU introduces its FALL 22 campaign featuring Cactus Jack signee, Don Toliver.

Don Toliver is one of the most unique artists of modern rap/rnb. His vintage style and sound fused with his extraterrestrial melodic style is captivating. He was raised in Houston, which you can hear in his sound, home of Hip Hop legends such as DJ SCREW, Fat Patt, Slim Thug to name a few. 

Coming from a city that encompasses so many different musical influences is a source of daily inspiration. Don Toliver took it as a motivation to keep pushing and went from the underground scene to becoming one of the biggest artists signed under Travis Scott's 'Cactus Jack'. 

"Not everything is gonna be peaches and cream, everything ain’t always how it seems, you might have ups and downs, great shows, bad shows – but how you move is the whole thing.”

After his first mixtape Donny Whomack, nothing was going to stop his rise. His hypnotic and melodious voice started to appear on music from other artists such from Kanye and Travis Scott to Pusha T, Nas and Bieber.

"I want people to listen to my music and think it’s timeless"

His two successful albums, "Heaven or Hell'' and "Life of a Don" gave him the platform that he needed to go even further. Clothing and visual style have always been a reflection of his creativity. He was the face to launch ICECREAM EU Season 1 in 2021 and has since collaborated on a London pop-up store as part of his Euro run in summer 22. Now, as collaborator and family of the brand, he introduces the ICECREAM FALL 22 campaign shot by Fabien Montique in Portugal.

"It’s beautiful at the top, but the strive to get there is even more precious."