Across our exploration through Los Angeles for ICECREAM Spring '24, Seafood Sam took some time out to share insights into his roots in Long Beach and the myriad sources of inspiration that have shaped his journey.

Who are your inspirations as a creative person across music, fashion, art and / or wider ranging?

'94 Method Man, mixtape Lil Wayne 2006, Ice Cream skate team, Curren$y, all 3 house party movies, and Lil Bow Wow from “beware of the dog” to “doggy bag”.

Could you tell us a bit about your upbringing and how growing up in Los Angeles, Long Beach to be more specifically has influenced you as a person?

Growing up in Long Beach was solid.. It's a decent sized city with a lot of different cultures that blend well together, for example we all love Sublime & The Eastsidaz just the same. The city for me influenced the range I’m able to connect with, it’s not just one “type” of person in Long Beach.

What is your affinity to ICECREAM as a brand? We're aware you've thrifted a lot of old season grails, what is that speaks to you about ICECREAM and its ethos?

I was like 14 watching the ICECREAM vol 1. skate tape on repeat all day begging moms for a pair of the beepers, doing extra cleaning around the house or even trying to get my grades up for them. And not to mention, my big brother used to skate with some members of the team, so it was kind of a big deal in my household. Some may argue Pharrell & IC are responsible for bringing skateboarding to a lot of neighborhoods all over the world.

What do you currently have coming up?

My album “Standing On Giant Shoulders” will be released on April 19th, 2024.